Some of my bird photos

American Flamingo, Providenciales

Bahama Mockingbird, Providenciales

Bahama Woodstar, Providenciales

Bannanaquit, Providenciales

Common Ground Dove, Providenciales

Reddish Egret white morph, Providenciales

Shortbilled Dowitcher, Providenciales

Wilsons Plover, Providenciales

Yellow Crowned Night Heron, Providenciales


Cuban Parrot, Cuba

American Flamingo, Cuba

Warbler sp., Cuba

Tricolored Heron , Cuba

Heron sp. Cuba

Little Egret, Cuba

Little Blue Heron, Cuba

American White Pelicans, Cuba

American Flamingos, Cuba

Cuban Black Bird, Cuba

Mockingbird sp. Cuba

Cuban Black Hawks, Cuba


Reddish Egret white form, Acklins island

Smooth Billed Ani, Acklins island

Yellow Rumped Warbler, Acklins island

Bahama Mockingbird, Acklins island

Killdeer, Acklins island

Reddish Egret dark form, Acklins island

Osprey, Eleuthera

American Flamingos, Acklins island

American Kestrel, Acklins island

Green Herons, Eleuthera

Gull sp. Eleuthera

Reddish Egret, Eleuthera


Royal Spoonbill, New Zealand

Tui, New Zealand

Black Swan, New Zealand


Shag sp. Hobart harbour

Albatros sp. Hobart

Brown Skua, Macquarie island

Prion sp. Campbell island

Auckland Island Shag colony, Enderby island

Giant Petrel, white morph,
Macquarie island

Rockhopper Penguins,
Macquareie island

Gull sp.
Macquarie island

Royal Penguins, Macquarie Island

King Penguins, Macquarie Island

Yellow Eyed Penguins, Enderby Island

New Zealand Pipit, Campbell island

Southern Royal Albatros, Campbell Island

Young Royal Albatros gamming

Campbell Island Shag,
Campbell island

Light Mantled Sooty Albatros,
Enderby island

Double Banded Plover,
Enderby island

Red Crowned Parakeet, Enderby island

Auckland Island Flightless Teal, Enderby island

Tom Tit, Enderby island


Snowy Sheathbill, Antarctic peninsula

Antacrtic Cormorant colony, Antartic peninsula

Brown Skua, Antarctic peninsula

Adelie Penguin

Chinstrap Penguins

      Penguins on the nest

Adelie Penguin, Antarctic peninula

Chinstrap Penguins, Antarctic peninsula

Gentoo Penguins, Port Lockroy